Is your business still running Windows servers from your office(s)? Are you still spending thousands of £’s on expensive Servers, PC’s and laptops. Are you concerned about device security?

Have you considered moving your server and desktops to the Cloud. With connectivity improving all the time, moving to the Cloud is a sensible option for many businesses. Whether this be migrating data to Sharepoint or migrating physical desktops to hosted desktops. There has never been a better time to take advantage of Cloud computing.

Trunk Hosted Desktop

Our Hosted Desktop provides businesses with a virtual desktop environment. It allows your staff to access their virtual PC environment hosted in a private, secure network using a thin client via a web browser– in the office, on-the-go or at home — via any devices from PCs, tablets to smartphones. Offering the same business environment regardless of where your staff work from, it delivers a seamless user experience with the flexibility, performance and productivity your workforce is looking for today. Trunk Cloud Hosted Desktop is licensed on a subscription basis and gives your businesses the ability to flex up , or down as your business needs dictate.

Staff client devices do not store any user data. There are no applications installed on the client device operating system or applications, as these would be centrally managed and executed on servers equipped with high-performance CPUs, located at our data centers. Patches, virus scanning, version upgrades and more would be consolidated on the servers, with only screen refreshes and mouse click feedback.

With an ever increasing need to protect against Cyber Security threats a Hosted Desktop provides additional protection for your business.

Trunk Hosted Desktop infrastructure enables your users to access their desktop and business applications from any internet enabled computer from anywhere in the world at anytime.

The benefits of a Trunk Cloud Hosted Desktop are:

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Longer cycle between hardware changes.
  • Trunk Cloud Hosted Desktop doesn’t require powerful devices, allowing your business to get more from hardware purchases
  • Time and Energy to focus on running your business rather than worrying about I.T.
  • Simplifies opening new offices / makes office moves very simple.

Trunk Cloud Hosted Desktop is a full Windows 10 virtual desktop. This is not session based computing (Terminal Server). Each user gets a full Windows 10 desktop, fully licensed. You can install whatever applications you want and there are different flavours of desktop to suit different staff requirements.

Standard desktop has 2vCPU with 4Gb RAM and a 60GB SSD

Advanced desktop has 4vCPU with 8GB RAM and 120GB SSD with Enhanced graphics engine

Premium Desktop has 8 vCPU with 12GB RAM and 120GB SSD with Enhanced graphics engine

As well as desktops we can provide virtual servers for your organisation. Perhaps you need a Microsoft SQL server to run some accounting databases, or a File server. Whatever your requirement, we have a virtual desktop / server solution for your business.

Combining a Trunk Cloud Hosted Desktop with Office 365 could give your business the combined mobility and security solution that you need.

Device security is of paramount importance and many businesses are combining the power of a Trunk Cloud Hosted Desktop with Office 365 to deliver a familiar Windows 10 desktop with Email and Sharepoint.